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Experience a radically different kind of adventure.

Lua & Pine retreats aim to make fitness & wellness accessible and fun. Our mission is to deliver a balance of fitness, adventure & relaxation experiences.

We offer long weekends, results-oriented fitness & wellness programs aimed at improving the quality of your life by boosting your health and elevating mind and body. You'll leave our retreat feeling rejuvenated and reconnected to the source of wellbeing.

Your Life, Rejuvenated

Bel Merces

Founder/ Organiser

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For the dream...

Hello! We are Ti and Bel, a husband and wife who met in London back in 2003 and fell in love from day one; we have been living in London since then.
We both share a passion for travel and love Portugal, so after numerous trips to our close ancestors nation, we decided that Portugal would be our future destination to begin a new life chapter. In 2018, we purchased land in Sintra-Cascais with the goal to move away from the big city and make this our future home. Our aim is to embrace a lifestyle inspired by nature, and to create something where we would be able to share this beautiful location with people from around the world. We initially started as a holiday home service, but believe that we can go above and beyond to deliver truly exceptional long-weekend retreats, focusing on fitness and wellness experiences, surrounded by the remarkable natural beauty around our Quinta.

We’re committed to delivering a perfect experience for every guest, which means we’re always open to improvement, change and growth. We love welcoming new and returning guests to our retreats, and will continue to work tirelessly to ensure that they have a truly memorable experience.

Tiago Silva


Born in Brazil, and raised in São Paulo and London, Tiago Silva is a passionate advocate of having an active lifestyle. He is a vivacious, motivated, and award-winning trainer who has been part of the fitness industry for over a decade. He has successfully blurred the lines between being a personal trainer, a group classes trainer, a fitness consultant, as well as an educator, whilst working with leading brands and individuals within the fitness industry. With his extensive background in surfing, functional training, and athletic fitness, Tiago wanted to create an environment where guests, limited to small groups, could unplug from their daily lives, reset their mind and body and leave with the power of celebrating their strength and ability and ready to create habits that lead to longer, healthier, and more positive lives.

Here is how Lua & Pine group retreats operate.

Here is how Lua & Pine private retreats operate.

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