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Also known as “Onde O Mar É Mais Azul’‘ [the place where the sea is the most blue], this small beach town has everything you need including beautiful beaches, epic landscapes, heavenly gastronomy, animated nightlife, rich Portuguese culture, and its biggest attraction: unforgettable surf conditions.

In 2011 Ericeira was named as an official World Surfing Reserve by the Save the Waves coalition. By then, it was only the second World Surfing Reserve in the world, and until today still the only one in Europe. It was chosen because of its high quality and consistent waves, special environmental characteristics, and the town’s significant culture and surf history.

In this ultimate guide to Ericeira, prepare to get all the information you need to spend an epic time in this little surf town. We cover restaurants, bars, and of course beaches and the best surf spots.

Firstily, A Little Historical Background Knowledge Is In Order:

  • The history of Ericeira dates back to around 1000 BC. Its first charter date of 1229 was granted by the then Grand Master of the Order of Aviz, Dom Frei Fernão Rodrigues Monteiro, who thus instituted the county of Ericeira.
  • Legend has it that the name Ericeira originally means “land of sea urchins” due to the numerous sea urchins that abounded on its beaches. However, more recent investigations point to the hedgehog and not the sea urchin as an inspirer of the name. This animal is a small, spiny mammal of the subfamily of Erinaceanie.  “Ouriçio-caixeiro” is its Portuguese name and is associated with the Phoenician Goddess Astarte.
  • Ericeira was such a famous spot for bathing thanks to the saying that it was a focus of a major concentration of iodine on the Portuguese coast. The beaches were frequented by the Queen herself Maria Pia of Savoy and the Royal Family in the 1800s. The bishop of Coimbra took regular baths in Ericeira as well.
  • Dom Manuel II, the last king of Portugal, and the Portuguese Royal Family escaped the October 5th, 1910 revolution by fleeing on the royal yacht Amélia IV that was docked at the Praia Dos Pescadors in Ericeira. The monarch was only 20 years old and accompanied by Queen Amélie of Orleans and Queen Mother Maria Pia. He lived the rest of his life in exile in England.
  • At the end of the 19th century, Ericeira had exponential economic growth due to its popularity with Lisbon’s local aristocracy, who began to build their vacation houses in and around this fisherman’s town.
  • The development of the commercial port also had a big impact on Ericeira’s economy. It became one of the most important ports in the country—exporting principally wines and spirits. However, due to the inauguration of the Western railway and the popularity of land transportation, the port lost its strategic edge and returned to being a fisherman’s harbor.

Ericeira is a small village, and everything is pretty close, making it easy to walk and enjoy the views. If you prefer taking Uber for traveling to the town, the prices are really cheap, no more than 6 euros from one side to the town to the other, and the service works perfectly 24 hours.

Ericeira: The Ultimate Guide - things to do in Ericeira


May – June; September – November if you want to surf (obviously, you can visit during other seasons)

Ericeira is located next to the Atlantic Coast and has its own microclimate. The region is about 5 degrees colder than Lisbon and windier than most regions in Portugal. This means that it doesn’t get too hot in Ericeira, but the weather can change suddenly. The weather in Ericeira is highly unpredictable. The nights are also cooler, so it is important to pack long pants and a sweater for those chillier nights.

The best time to visit Ericeira is between May and  October. July and August are the real high season. Lots of sunshine, lots of daylight hours, lots of north/west winds, and lots of foggy mornings. If you are looking to surf, the best months are September to November. These months are, in general, good for surfing, and the weather can still be warm and sunny. Sunsets can be spectacular. Then there is the winter, which isn’t too bad, but don’t expect many sunny days. Winters in Ericeira are humid, cold, and can be rainy.


Our biggest advice when it comes to this lovely town is always to have a sweater and pants packed even if it’s summer season. Also, make sure to always have some cash on hand as some delicious local establishments only accept Portuguese cards.

May // June

This is the spring season in Ericeira. All the flowers are blooming, and the views from the cliffs are amazing, perfect for doing some hiking and biking tours. In these months it can rain a lot but when the sun comes just looking at the views is totally worth it. What should you pack then?

  • Sportive clothes and comfortable shoes perfect for those hikes
  • Pants and sweaters for the chilly nights
  • Shorts and light clothes for the hottest days
  • A swimsuit is always a must in Ericeira
  • Your favorite shirts and t-shirts
  • Hat and sunglasses and all those accessories you prefer for protecting yourself from the sun
  • And some cash, remember some locals don’t accept international cards.

July // August

The summer season is also the high season in Ericeira. Summertime means a lot of sunlight, a beach, people, and a lot of fun. It is by far the best season if you like to meet new friends, go surfing, and enjoy the party vibe and all that this town has to offer. Make sure that you pack:

  • Swimsuit, glasses, sandals, hats, sunscreen, wetsuit, and your board for enjoying the beach days the most
  • Light sweaters for the nights
  • Water, you will need it (trust me)
  • Nice summer dresses and for guys nice shirts for the night and day parties
  • Money (again)

September // October

The days start to become shorter as Autumn arrives in Ericeira, and the temperatures start to drop. Make sure you pack:

  • Beach items, still amazing days for going to the beach, and the waves are more beginners friendly
  • Sweaters, jackets, and warm clothes
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Light clothes such as shorts and t-shirts because there are still a lot of summer days to enjoy

Ericeira: The Ultimate Guide - things to do in Ericeira


Ericeira has a fast-growing digital nomad community. So what makes this surf town so special for remote workers? Let’s look at the main reasons:

  • Relaxed beach vibe
  • English is widely spoken. Even if you don’t know any Portuguese, everyone speaks English. The town is full of ex-pats and friendly tourists and an already thriving.
  • Locals are friendly and open to tourism.
  • Ericeira is full of activities such as surfing, yoga, hiking, mountain biking, and volleyball. There is always an outdoor hobby you can do.
  • The town is known for hosting multiple events like markets, networking sessions, parties, beach cleanings, meditations, skate events, and more.
  • Fast internet connection, the average speed in Ericeira is 36 Mbps. Internet service providers: Nos, Meo, Claranet, Vodafone, and Artelecom.
  • A number of great co-working and co-living spaces have opened up over the years, including:
  • If you prefer to work in a coffee shop instead, then why not try:
    • 58 Surf Shop (Nacional 247, 2655-483)  → Quiet and perfect to work 
    • Dear Rose Cafe (R. de santo António 12A)
    • Ribeira d’ilhas Surf Restaurant & Bar (Estrada Nacional 247) →  Sea View
    • Sunset Bamboo Ericeira (Travessa do Jogo da Bola, 3)
    • (Rua central 16, Ribamar) → Next village 10 min from Ericeira beautiful to relax and change views
    • 7 desejos (Tv. Mar de Sargaços 1, 2655-319)
    • Brunch me (Rua 5 de outubro, 22)


Ericeira: The Ultimate Guide - things to do in Ericeira

Ericeira: The Ultimate Guide - things to do in Ericeira


If you don’t surf, then don’t worry; there are plenty of other activities that you can do in Ericeira. Here are just a couple of options:

  • Bike Tours → Ericeira is full of cliffs and natural paths. Biking is the perfect way to exercise and enjoy the view simultaneously.
    • 2h Sunset BTT tour: riding a mountain bike at sunset in Ericeira, is there anything better?
    • Cliff Top Rideguided small group bike ride along the coastline and cliffs of Ericeira.
    • Rent a scooter: This is a great option if you like scooting around town.
  • Ceramic Studio → a ceramic workshop that is a unique experience in Ericeira.
  • Beach Volleyball → Beachvolley Ericeira is a group that plays at Praia do Pescadores and Praia Foz de Lizandro. They play every Thursday at 18h00 and Saturday at 11h00
  • Stand-up Paddleboarding → The Lizandro River flows into Foz do Lizandro beach and is the perfect place for stand-up paddling.
    • Ericeira SUP offers a variety of experiences, including river, ocean, or harbor experiences.
  • Hiking → Is a must. Ericeira is full of natural paths all over the coast. Our favorite one is the Coxos trail that ends at Ribeira D’ilhas beach.
  • Yoga → Besides surfing, yoga is the second most popular activity in town. You will find in every corner! There are a lot of schools and hostels that offer a variety of different yoga classes.
  • Padel  → A little similar to tennis, padel is easier to play and learn.
  • Skateboarding →  When there is no surf, but you still want to ride something, go skateboarding! Outside the Quiksilver store -with bar and terrace- there’s a big concrete skatepark open for everyone. You can even check the waves at Matadouro and enjoy the sunset from here.
  • Visit the Mafra’s National Palace → Built in the 17th century and classified by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 2019, the Palace stretches over 40,000 m2 in the center of Mafra.


Ericeira: The Ultimate Guide - things to do in Ericiera

Ericeira is a fisherman’s town, so seafood is one of the more popular options in most restaurants. The seafood here is not only delicious, but it is fresh. Make sure to order shrimp, fish, or mussels and pair it with a good glass of local wine. Perfection. The gastronomy of this town is full of surprises, including a range of exquisite local and international restaurants. Here are some options:

B R E A K F A S T // B R U N C H 

  • GiG – Green is good (Tv. Misericordia 16) → is a healthy breakfast concept 
  • Brunch me  (R. 5 de Outubro 22) → Nutella crepes, and a cappuccino is a must
  • Sunset Bamboo (Tv. Do Jogo da bola 3) → Try the avocado with poached eggs toast
  • Dear Rose Cafe (R. De San Antonio 12A) → Best coffee in town
  • Pão da vila (Praça da República 12) → located on the main street making it perfect for breakfast
  • Kayak bar (Praia dos Pescadores, 2655) → Beach bar with chill music 

L U N C H // D I N N E R

Low Budget Restaurants (€ – €€)
  • Lebre Escondidinho (Rua da Misericórdia 3) →  Prego lebre (meat sandwich) with a beer is the perfect combination.
  • Calavera – Mexican Food & Tequila bar (R. dos Ferreiros 2) →  Nachos and the Pollo Loco taco 10/10
  • Lucky Star (Largo da Fonte do Cabo n.11) →  Chinese and sushi buffet 
  • Tasquinha do Joy (Largo das Ribas n. 34) →  Delicious seafood
Mid-Range (€€€)
  • Tik-Tapas (R. do ericeira 15) →  Famous tourist restaurant with meat and seafood options
  • Adega bar (R. Alves crespo 3) → Tapas restaurant, try the cheese with honey, flaming sausage and pica-pau (meat with vegetables) 
  • Cervejaria 7 janelas (R. 5 de Outubro 11 rc) →  Try the filet mignon with beer sauce 
  • Cucina 37 (R. Prudencio Franco da Trindade 18) → Small Italian restaurant
  • UniSushi (R. da fonte do cabo 44A) → Central sushi restaurant
  • Pepe Verde Pizzeria (R. Mendes Leal n.22) →  Order the Burrata and Portofino pizza
  • Barbatana (Rua do Passadiço, bar 2) → Sea view
  • Maika’i (Av. São Sebastião n.36 – B) → Live music and the menu is delicious
Expensive (€€€€)
  • Mar de latas (R. Cap.Joao Lopes 24A) → The meat and seafood is just a dream 
  • Avó (R. dos Ferreiros n.6) → Typical portuguese 
  • PRIM (R. 5 de Outubro 12) → Meat and portuguese 
  • Casa Portuguesa (R. 5 de Outubro 8) → Typical portuguese 
  • El Chilito (R. da Boa Vista 3) → The restaurant of the hostel Selina, Mexican food and amazing drinks
  • Jangada (R. das Silvas, 2655-431) → You and the sea restaurant 
  • Pedra dura (R. Dr. Eduardo Burnay 36A) → Trying the meat is a obligation
  • Ti Matilde (R. Dr. Manuel Arriaga 29) → One of the best seafood restaurant with a seaview
  • Miyabi Sushi by Rodrigo Mattos (R. Dr. Miguel Bombarda) → The best sushi chef in town 
  • Golfinho Azul (R. das ribas 24) → Seafood with a beautiful view
  • Indigo (R. Dos Ombros) → Live music and the view from Praia Foz de Lizandro 
  • Predio (R. Do Caldeira n.62) → Rooftop 

Ericeira: The Ultimate Guide - things to do in Ericeira

B A R S // N I G H T L I F E

The nightlife in Ericeira is amazing. All the tourists and local people get together to appreciate the live music, drinks, and spectacular food. Here are some of the best bars to

  • Jolly Good Fellow (Rua dos Ferreiros 5) → Small bar frequented mostly by locals
  • Tubo Ericeira Bar (Tv. da Esperança 3) → Outside tables
  • Oh la la (R. Dr. Eduardo Burnay n.32) → Instagrammable bar
  • Jukebox (R. Dr. Miguel Bombarda)
  • Barzinho (R. Sao Joao 18) → Located in Ribamar, 15 min away from Ericeira. Live music and very good local tapas.
  • Boardriders (Largo Sao Sebastiao 36A) → Friday, after a surf session, enjoy live music at the biggest surf shop in town
  • Ouriço (Tv. Do Caminho Novo 7) → The oldest nightclub in Portugal


Ericeira is full of small local stores that sell second-hand clothes, surf gear, kombucha, vegan food, art, and much more. This little surf town and its small and winding streets, painted in blue and white colors, make shopping even more enjoyable. There is nothing better than getting lost and stumbling upon a quaint little shop filled with local trinkets. So make sure that you get lost and explore! We promise you won’t regret it.

Make sure to check out Mercado Municipal, which is a three-story building located close to the main square. The market is not very big, but they have everything from flowers, fruits, and vegetables to meat and fish. On the second floor, there are a couple of handicraft stores.

// Hope this guide is helpful for you, and the last thing to do is pack and start the trip.

Boa Viagem!